It Has Been Written Episode 71 Table of Contents
λF7910:Good evening λF7911:Lunar eclipse in T minus 2 hours λF7912:Comet detected in Canes Venatici λF7913:Mars is bright tonight λF7914:We have a $100K surplus in our discretionary budget λF7915:Happy birthday, Eileen! λF7916:Predict moderate solar winds, with a chance of meteor showers λF7918:The sun just supernovaed λF7919:New Horizons just completed Pluto flyby λF7920:Which end of the telescope do you look into, again? λF7921:Nerdium reserves are low λF7922:An alien spacecraft has docked outside our base λF7923:New moon tomorrow λF7924:Pawn to c4 λF7925:Apply ηJ8406 three times λF7926:Meow Mr. Jurgleton: "All right, here we are... and let's see... right here, we've got... Hang on, what was that code again, Nancy? ...Nancy??"
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